Here's what’s happening and where in Poe cities in the US November 7-9, 2014. Check out what's happening in Richmond, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston and around the country! THE BIG EVENT THIS WEEK: DO NOT MISS IN NEW YORK "Evermore: The Persistence of Poe" The Edgar Allan Poe Collection of Susan Jaffe Tane. Until November 22, 2014. More info: http://www.grolierclub.org/Default.aspx?p=DynamicModule&pageid=268773&ssid=136866&vnf=1


Nevermore Starring Jeffrey Combs

OUR PHOTO: EVERMORE: The Persistence Of Poe

Visit a Poe City on your next vacation or holiday!
Tales of Mystery & Imagination


Poe Bronze BustEdgar Allan Poe Bronze Bust Photo Released; Unveiling at the Boston Public Library

BOSTON (October 22, 2014) — On Thursday, October 30 at 6pm, the Edgar Allan Poe Bronze Bust Project will unveil the recently completed Poe bust to an audience of literary fans in the Abbey Room McKim Building at the Boston Public Library. Sculpted by Bryan Moore, the bust is the endgame of a successful Kickstarter funded in part by prestigious donors and creators at the top of their games, such as Guillermo del Toro, Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin, and Peter Straub. Attending will be Moore; Boston filmmaker Izzy Lee; Boston College English Professor and Poe expert Paul Lewis; and Jeffrey Combs, the talented character actor who plays Poe in “Nevermore: An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe,” which Moore and Lee are co-producing. The play runs for one performance the next night at the Somerville Theatre on October 31st at 8pm.




The Death Of PoeMark Redfield’s 2006 film THE DEATH OF POE, which chronicles the last days of Edgar Allan Poe in a dream-like and expressionistic cinematic style, is coming to Vimeo Video-On-Demand.









Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention LOGO

Hunt Valley, Maryland

The Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention is back again this year at the Hunt Valley Wyndom in Hunt Valley, Maryland (just north of Baltimore) with incredible guests including 007 George Lazenby, Lana Wood ("Diamonds Are Forever"), Veronica Cartwright ("The Birds"), Piper Laurie ("Carrie") and so many others! Incredible vendors offering vintage memorabilia and books and Old Time Radio. Many fantastic events are scheduled through-out the three-day event! Family friendly, and something, and somebody, for everyone to see!



Vampire Hunters Inc.

From Mark Redfield and Stuart Voytilla come this gritty, action-packed horror series set in contemporary Manhattan.

Meet Bertram Welles, a New York City private investigator, who also happens to work as an agent for a secret international organization code-named "Van Helsing", but what Welles' often calls "Vampire Hunters Incorporated".


Tony Tsendeas presents his acclaimed one man show – THE POE SHOW!

AUGUST 29, 2014 in Baltimore at Germano’s Cabaret at 6pm.
Tickets and Info HERE: http://germanospiattini.com/calendar-of-events/

The Poe Show

Tony Tsendeas critically acclaimed one-man show returns to Baltimore at Germano’s on August 29th, 2014! Call and get your tickets before the show is sold out!

About THE POE SHOW: An actor enters the space and casually chats with the audience. And so, disarmingly begins this entertaining journey into Poe’s heart of darkness. The transformation begins as the actor dons a costume. Character make up is applied, all in full view of the audience. Now with a silent countdown from 10 to zero, the Tony recedes and the character appears. We are now thrown full force into Poe’s The Black Cat. This is no reading but a fully staged interpretation of Poe’s macabre tale of revenge and retribution. When the story ends the actor reemerges. The costume and make up changes as we prepare for one of Poe’s most chilling tales, “The Tell-Tale Heart”. The show ends with Tsendeas donning the archetypical Poe moustache and taking us to a poetry reading in 1847. Now we are in the presence of the master as he regales his audience with readings of his timeless poems, ending with a recitation of “The Raven”.

The Poe Show runs approx 80 mins. Call Germano’s for tickets now at (410) 752-4515 for reservations, directions and ticket info.

Don't forget--get your tickets now for Tony Tsendeas in THE POE SHOW August 29, 2014

When: August 29, 6 p.m.. Venue: Germano's Piattini. Address: 300 S. High St. Baltimore, Maryland USA Phone: (410) 752-4515.

More info: http://germanospiattini.com/calendar-of-events/


Jeffrey Combs as Edgar Allan Poe
Jeffrey Combs as Edgar Allan Poe


How to have THE BEST HALLOWEEN EVER in the BOSTON AREA in 2014?
Here it is in 5 simple steps--

Step one: Decide that you're going to have the most AWESOME and MEMORABLE Halloween ever, and purchase tickets NOW for Jeffrey Combs in NEVERMORE: AN EVENING WITH EDGAR ALLAN POE before they're all gone!

Get your tickets for this one-night only performance at the Somerville Theatre HERE!

Step Two: With tickets safely procured so you and your friends won't miss this phenomenal show, kick back and relax for a couple of months...

Step Three: About a week before Halloween, stir from your hibernation a bit, but not too strenuously, you need your energy for Halloween weekend.

Step Four: Dress to the nines for the best Halloween night to be gotten in 2014, and attend NEVERMORE: AN EVENING WITH EDGAR ALLAN POE starring the great Jeffrey Combs!

Step Five: You now have the bragging rights to tell everyone who DIDN'T buy tickets before they sold out, what a great show it was!

See you at the Somerville Theatre near Boston on Halloween!

Get YOUR TICKETS HERE: https://www.vendini.com/ticketLine/ITL/?t=tix&e=d5e933b2365aa6976a95ade5f9ff1c7f&theme=ticketLine25

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE SOMERVILLE THEATRE, CLICK HERE: http://www.somervilletheatreonline.com/somerville-theatre/

Boston Halloween 2014


Hitch Is Coming!

We're devoting the entire week , August 10th to the 16th, to The Master of Suspense -- SIR ALFRED HITCHCOCK! We're going all out in honoring the great filmmaker during his birthday week!

Every day for seven days, articles, essays, trivia, video, audio, and A CONTEST EVERY SINGLE DAY WITH GREAT PRIZES! What does all this ballyhoo mean? And we'll have a special prize on his birthday, August 13th!

We hate to keep you in suspense, but it all unfolds beginning Sunday August 10th, everywhere there's Poe Forevermore-- on Facebook, on Twitter, and here on the Poe Forevermore website!

“It’s because I liked Edgar Allan Poe’s stories so much that I began to make suspense films.”
— Alfred Hitchcock

So please join us if you're a Hitchcock fan! Or join us anyway, you'll be a Hitchcock fan before the week is over!

Boston Edgar Allan Poe Bronze Bust Project KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN IS NOW LIVE!!

Rondo Award

Since the phenomenal success of the Lovecraft bust which was placed in the author's hometown of Providence, Rhode Island, Bryan Moore, the founder of the project, has the opportunity to do it again with the city of Poe's birth, Boston, Massachusetts. The new Kickstarter campaign is to raise funds to place a sculpted bronze bust of Edgar Allan Poe in the Boston Public Library on October 30, 2014!



Rondo Award

Poe Forevermore Radio Theater recently won the award for "Best Multi-Media or Podcast" category in the 12th Annual Rondo Hatton Awards! Below is a message from Mark Redfield thanking everyone who voted!

Thanks again for voting for us!

The Rondo Awards are a fan-driven annual awards contest, now in its 12th year, honoring fan picks of the best in classic horror.

Poe House in Boston 1930s
Rondo Award Statues
LISTEN to Poe Forevermore Radio Theater!

New audio plays and audio books every week!

We ♥ audio plays and audio books at
Tales of Mystery & Imagination




Poe Birthday 2014


Celebrating Poe's birthday in the towns he lived and worked!
JANUARY 19th 2014



BRINGING POE HOME: Newton resident Paul Lewis, an English professor at Boston College, will mark Edgar Allan Poe’s 205th birthday next Sunday at an event providing an overview of the public art initiative commemorating his ties to Boston. Lewis, chairman of the Edgar Allan Poe Foundation of Boston, will participate in a panel discussion, “The Poe Statue Project: Public Art, Creativity, Politics, and the Law,” at 3 p.m. in Room 101 of BC’s Devlin Hall, 140 Commonwealth Ave. in Chestnut Hill.


Poe House in Boston 1930s
The house where Edgar was born in Boston circa 1930s

Fantastic exhibit of Poe’s works, letters and much more! “Edgar Allan Poe: The Terror of the Soul” at The Morgan:
The Morgan : http://www.themorgan.org/exhibitions/exhibition.asp?id=82


“By Reason of Insanity” Location: Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site, 7th and Spring Garden Streets Time: 1:30 PM to 2:00 PM Fee Information: FREE

Celebrate Edgar Allan Poe's birthday with this "murder trial" based on "The Tell-Tale Heart". Audience members must decide: is Ranger Helen not guilty by reason of insanity, or guilty of premeditated murder.

Poe House in Philadelphia: http://www.nps.gov/edal/planyourvisit/event-details.htm?eventID=517750-23257


ANNABEL LEE TAVERN presents David Keltz as Edgar Allan Poe! Sunday January 19th, 2014. Looking to celebrate Poe's birthday, try The Annabel Lee Tavern. But better make reservations now! Poe himself will be there!


The Poe House in Baltimore says it will be open free of charge in the afternoon on Poe's birthday, with "readings of his works", but no further details: http://www.poeinbaltimore.org/birthday-opening/

Greenbelt Arts Center
Greenbelt, Maryland

"Poe's Birthday Bash: Tales of Terror" January 17, 18, & 19, 2014



POE’S BIRTHDAY BASH: The Arts of Erzulie and Nicole, of the Clockworks Collective, Poetry Reading: Edgar Allan Poe and Frances Osgood read their love poetry to each other, Jeffrey Abugel speaks about Poe’s Petersburg and much much more! Check schedule for full weekend events celebrating Poe’s Birthday!
Poe Museum Richmond, Virginia: http://www.poemuseum.org/blog/tag/poes-birthday-bash/

And thank you for visiting us at

A CHRISTMAS CAROL is 170 years-old this year!

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens great ghost story was originally published 170 years-ago, on December 19, 1843!

We are proud to offer Mark Redfield's marvelous reading of this timeless classic--he narrates and voices all of the famous characters, from Scrooge and Marley to Old Joe and the charwoman!-- now available on ITunes, CDBaby, Amazon and other popular platforms!

"God bless us! Everyone!"


A Christmas Carol
Mark Redfield as 'Ebenezer Scrooge'

"I chose this story by Charles Dickens because the characters are so vivid. They are delightful to play. And the story makes me very happy. It's that simple as to why I chose it for audio book performance.

The goal for me as actor and producer of audio books and plays is to make the words themselves disappear into feeling and experience.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I love performing it."

-Mark Redfield




A Christmas Carol"Redfield's meticulous diction, perceptive phrasing, excellent transitions and impeccable timing make his Scrooge the finest we have heard. His is a classic interpretation that is almost Shakespearean."
- The Baltimore Sun




also available on iTunes





Poe Forevermore Radio Theater Presents

A Trilogy of Terror



Wed. and Thurs. October 30 and 31, 2013 at 8pm

Address: 45 W. Preston St. Baltimore, MD 21201

Performed and recorded live with full cast, sound effects and music. Return with us now to those CHILLING days of yesteryear, as Poe Forevermore Radio Theater brings three new half-hour, hair-raising scripts to life. Audio performance at its finest, with original scripts, versatile actors and music and sound effects performed live, in the tradition of such classic radio programs as SUSPENSE, LIGHTS OUT and others in radio dramas heyday.

The Halloween '13 Program:


Edgar Allan Poe's classic tale of revenge.


The terrifying Baltimore legend lives on...


Adapted from the now classic 1892 story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman --is the narrator of this tale of terror insane, or is there really a malevolent spirit trapped beneath the hideous wallpaper in the children's room? The narrator's physician-husband has prescribed complete rest, and no activity, not even make a journal entry...nothing that would over-excite a nervous mind...

The adaptations and plays were written by Stuart Voytilla, Tony Tsendeas and Mark Redfield. Directed by Mark Redfield. Cast includes: Chris Pfingsten, Rebecca Eastman, Mike Moran, Mara Neimanis, Susan Stroupe, David Crandall, and Mark Redfield.

Get tickets now at the Baltimore Theatre Project: www.theatreproject.org


ETSYIt could be worse. I could be dead.

About four months ago I had a heart attack.

On March 22nd, 2013, just three days after producing a wine tasting event in Baltimore to help raise money for the Poe House and Museum there.

Until then, things were going pretty well. I was writing regularly and painting (I have two novels that I think are finished and I need to stop fooling with them). The wine tasting that Saturday, the 19th of March, was the second event in about two months (the annual Poe Birthday event was in January) that I had produced with Jeff Jerome. I was working very hard with Poe Baltimore, Inc. doing all I could with that group to make the re-opening of The Poe House for the public happen sooner than later (more on all that in future posts). The second issue of Poe Forevermore magazine was about to go to press, and I was developing Poe Forevermore Radio Theater...

Up to my neck with Poe and my other freelance work when, whammo, Tuesday morning the 22nd it all stopped in its tracks.

About 11 am (statistically a typical time) after about 8 or 9 cigarettes and my third cup of coffee... Chest pain. Back pain. Arms going heavy and numb. Then cold sweats and shivers and I'm calling 911 while packing my bag with cell phones and notebooks and laptop, telling the operator I'm having a heart attack and I'll meet the ambulance crew on the front porch. I was and I did.

As I lay in the hospital bed, cursing my 40-something self for the stress, for the smoking, for the lack of sleep and bad diet; for all that contributed to my situation, I made a decision to take it all very seriously, and change everything about my life that I'd been doing wrong that made my heart attack possible. And before I bore you any further with news of my health and my trials and tribulations, for they aren't unusual—there is absolutely nothing special about what happened to me-- this is where you, dear readers, come in. For this is when I made the decision to stop everything, and really repair myself. And you allowed me to do that, and for that I will be forever grateful.

I took “getting well” seriously. I quit smoking that day and haven't had a cigarette since. I have radically changed my diet and have built up my strength where I am exercising and have lost weight. But I also stopped all work then, and that meant the production of the magazine, too. It was an attempt to alleviate all (or a lot of) stress; to begin to manage it better that I had before. To be able to clean up shop and press “re-set”.

The recovery period over the last four months has been very successful, I think, especially physically. The entire ordeal was a shock to my system; especially the abrupt cessation of smoking, and the sudden elimination of bad/processed/non-food food I was eating. The first week was in the hospital, naturally as they watched my reaction to the stet and the new drugs they were giving me; the second week was at a brother's house (who didn't smoke) recovering from BEING in the hospital (and getting my first real good sleep in ages). The next month was a bit of a roller coaster, but it's gotten much better, every day, until I can say that-- although this is all still very new-- I am doing really well now. There have been ups and downs, in reality, but let's stay positive...generally things have gone really well.

Except, none of my doctors said anything about the depression that might set in during this period. In fact, it was a reader on Facebook who casually warned me to “watch out for the post-heart attack depression”.

By then I realized, about two months into recovery when I read this friendly caution, that that was indeed what I was dealing with atop everything else, and that this quiet, stealth-like depression was compounding my recovery, and my sense of well-being.

But enough of all of this.

Undoubtedly I will talk about my heart attack and make reference to it in public as it's all very new to me (and I apologize in advance to you), and this whole thing has changed me completely. The good news however, in delaying the magazine in particular, is that I think it's given me and a chance to make it even better.

Not only that, the delay forced a couple of things sooner than later in its growth and evolution. We have so much great material, that each issue will get a few extra pages, and we are upping the number of issues per year from five to six issues total.

So--I'm back in action, and incredibly happy to be working with the team again: Theresa, Jen, Zack and all of the writers and artists. Issues 2 and 3 are in the production/printing pipeline, and I'm very excited to get the next issues into your hands.

Thank you for giving me some time to heal and get back on my feet. I intend, on a personal level, to get healthier than I was when I was 30. On a professional level, the space you gave me has given me the time to re-double my efforts to make the best magazine I know how, and to not let you down.

With tears of gratitude mixed with excitement for the future, again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Mark Redfield
Publisher, Poe Forevermore Magazine

ps--Could be worse? I could be dead? Not for too many, it seems. And I'm okay with that. But rest assured that I've put things in place that, regardless of what may happen to me in the future, the production of the magazine will not be stopped again, now that it's resuming as "the little engine that could"!


ETSYMark Redfield’s caricatures and painting are now available through his Etsy site. Take a moment and wander through his virtual Gallery! Many items are affordable and commissions are certainly welcome!

Many people over the years, when visiting events in Baltimore that celebrate Edgar Allan Poe, or who visited the Poe House in the summer of 2012, were taken with Mark Redfield’s whimsical and colorful cartoons of Poe, and have asked where they can get them.

You may buy them directly from the artist through his Etsy site HERE. (http://www.etsy.com/shop/markredfield)

All Poe-themed art comes with FREE shipping and insurance.

New art is added every week. And not just Poe-related paintings and drawings, but fun and funny caricatures of some of your favorite actors and figures from history and pop culture, as well as completely original paintings. If there’s something that you don’t see, but like Redfield’s style, then please enquire about a commission! Commissions are welcome!


EnshadowedOur premiere magazine, Monsterpalooza, is now on sale for only $10.00—and that’s all you’ll pay, because shipping within the US is totally FREE! Order your copy HERE

Order your very own copy of this collectible premiere issue! Monsterpalooza Magazine will be reborn in the very near future as JUST IMAGINE MAGAZINE, but you can get this one-shot first edition with free shipping while supplies last, so order right away!

Full color and great articles, Monsterpalooza Magazine is for lovers of film and art, with a monsterific-bent. Below are just a few samples of the fabulous stories inside Monsterpalooza:


    Monsterpalooza 1

    Monsterpalooza 1

    Monsterpalooza 1


Poe House in BaltimoreFrom Kristen Harbeson, President of Poe Baltimore: Contract Responsibilities
Poe Baltimore


2 days per week (or 16 hours)
12 weeks

Poe Baltimore, Inc. seeks to hire a temporary, part-time independent contractor to oversee, manage and plan fundraising efforts towards the re-opening of the Edgar Allan Poe House and National Historic Landmark. The successful candidate will also manage and coordinate opening hours during “Free Fall Baltimore” weekends. This temporary position is being created in order to solidify the Board of Director’s fundraising efforts, with the ultimate goal of opening the Poe House with regular hours in 2014.

• Establish regular communication with the President of Poe Baltimore and the Board of Directors,
• Formally reports to the President of Poe Baltimore
• Work with B&O Staff to implement of the Interpretive Plan
• Represent Poe Baltimore, in concert with Board leadership, before granting organizations, potential members, and donors.
• Develop basic form letters and documents necessary to communicate with members and donors
• Develop plans for sponsorship development and solicitation and donor recognition
• Establish relationships with key partners in the community. Examples include the Baltimore National Heritage Area, Baltimore Heritage, Greater Baltimore History Alliance, Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance, Bromo Tower Arts and Entertainment District, and the Downtown Partnership.
• Work with Fundraising Committee to identify new opportunities and apply for grants to support projects and programs
• Work with the Board to develop a fund-raising plan and a sustainability plan for Poe Baltimore Develop recruitment and training plan for volunteers
• Attend monthly Board of Directors meetings
• Build and manage database of possible members from mailing lists provided by partner organizations.
• Work with Event Committee to finalize and implement Free Fall Baltimore neighborhood event
• Coordinate members of the Board of Directors and volunteers to staff the Poe House during Free Fall Baltimore.
• Other duties as assigned by the President of Poe Baltimore

The candidate must have strong organizational, time management and communications skills and must exhibit an ability to work with people, stay on task, and produce quality results.

Please submit resumes to Kristen Harbeson (addis73@aol.com) by August 10, 2013


POE FOREVERMORE RADIO THEATER presents a LIVE AUDIO STREAM of the performance of Poe's "Cask Of Amontillado".

The stream will begin from Westminster Hall in Baltimore, Maryland at approximately 9:30pm United States Eastern Standard Time.


Poe Forevermore Radio Show


Dear Readers,
You have made this possible. You have made this the success it is.

And I’d like to take a moment to thank you for taking the initial risk on a magazine, sight-unseen, quality unknown, and just diving in with your support; and to thank you for the faith you had that something entertaining and worth-while would be delivered.

From all of your comments here, emails to me, and letters (yes! actual typed or hand-written letters!), I think we’ve made something pretty good. I think we’re on the right track. But it would not be happening without you all.

It’s my intention to fill each future issue with stories and features that you’ll want to read, and re-read again and again. A collection of volumes that are “evergreen” and that have a “shelf-life” in your library. As an editor/publisher, I have to trust my instinct. Frankly, I pick the stories and features for the magazine that, well, I like. The ones that work for me, hoping they’ll work for you, too. I don’t “poll” or follow trends. And I thank you for trusting me.

Unlike Charles Foster Kane, I won’t be publishing a “Declaration of Principles”. (Nor do I wish, like Kane, to “lose a million dollars a year”, for the next 60 years!) However, I will promise this: that I’ll continue to put my shoulder to it and trust my instincts to make the best magazine I can; that I’ll keep the magazine “advertisement free” within its pages, and that I’ll publish as long as you’re with me.

For that, dear readers, I thank you most humbly and profoundly.

Mark Redfield
Publisher and Editor
March 1, 2013
Poe Forevermore: Tales of Mystery and Imagination


Poe Forevermore Magazine Issue 1Our premiere issue, the cover illustrated by Cortney Skinner, has been nominated for Best Magazine for 2012 and Best Magazine Cover in the 11th Annual Rondo Awards.

The Rondo Awards are a fan-driven/popular vote contest. Anyone can vote, and voting ends midnight, April 7th.

Poe Forevermore: Tales of Mystery and Imagination is in category 12 (Best Magazine) and category 17 (Best Magazine Covers).

Here is the full ballot: http://www.rondoaward.com/rondo/rondos.html

The rules are simple (although the ballot is long, because it covers a lot of movies, TV, books and horror-related publications and events from 2012). Take a moment and please vote for Poe Forevermore!

Congratulations to Cortney Skinner on the nomination, the artist who created such a wonderful illustration for our premiere issue! And to all of our contributors and artists who made it happen!

-Mark Redfield
Publisher and Editor


Dear Readers,
We are pleased to announce the winners of our 2012 writing contest competition, "The Poe House: A Jewel in Baltimore's Crown".

Congratulations to all.

Adult Prose Category
First Place: Samantha Kymmell-Harvey
Second Place: GA Kelly
Honorable Mention (tie): Lisa Lance and Jerry Drake

Adult Poetry Category
First Place: Carlos X. Colorado
Second Place: JM Velazquez
Honorable Mention (tie) Adam Joffrain and Jo Ann I. Jones

A notification email and letter has been sent to each of the winners today, February 14, 2013.

Again, congratulations to all of the winners, and thanks to all who entered!