Q: Are you an official part of that fabulous convention held in Burbank, California every spring, beloved by all, called Monsterpalooza?
A: No. And yes. Monsterpalooza Magazine is a wholly independent venture, published and edited by Michael Heisler and Mark Redfield. We love Eliot Brodsky’s show Monsterpalooza, and believe in The Art of Monsters too, and asked him if we could use the name. He said yes, and we struck a formal agreement. We support each other’s endeavors fully!

Q: Why a print magazine in a digital, 21st Century? Are you mad?
A: Yes. And why not print? We like physical media. No batteries needed to read Monstepalooza Magazine, just daylight. Or a candle. And speaking of Kindle…

Q: Will Monsterpalooza Magazine go digital anytime soon? I can’t wait to thumb through its pages on my Nook…
A: Never say never. But for now, we’re print.

Q: Okay. How often to you plan to print?
A: Quarterly. The premiere issue hits in October 2011, and we hope you like it enough that we do one in January, 2012 and one in April and so on. But that’ll be up to you!

Q: When does the first issue of Monsterpalooza Magazine hit?
A: We go to print with No. 1 in October 2011 (“Nobody gets a day off!”, said Publisher Mark ‘Scrooge’ Redfield). The magazine then ships to readers who pre-ordered the magazine.

Q: Can I find the mag on newsstands?
A: We’re talking to distribs now, and will list vendors and stores here on the website as they come aboard. Meanwhile, as we “walk before we run”, pre-order the magazine directly from us!

Q: Will you have multiple or variant covers?
A: Monsterpalooza Magazine only needs two: a front and a back, per issue.

Q: Are you looking for contributors? Writers and artists? Do you accept queries from writers and artists and can I submit material to your magazine?
A: Yes. BUT send a query email first, outlining what it is you do and what it is you propose to submit to  , and somebody will get back to you before your next birthday. If it’s a really good idea, we’ll get back to you within minutes…

Q: Do you pay your contributors?
A: Yes, but don’t let that get around.